Our e-commerce fulfilment services in Canada, is at the forefront of providing exceptional 3PL warehouse services and seamless ecommerce order fulfillment solutions. Our clients around the world who engage in Fulfilment by Merchant for their products sale on all e Commerce Online platforms in Canada, USA, Mexico are required to set up a Corporation for Non-Residents. Canada is a stable G7 country and has a low corporate tax rate Considering the NAFTA (North American free Trade Agreement) which allows free flow of goods between borders of Canada, USA, and Mexico.

Advantages of opening a company in Canada includes:

Start a corporation: We can also assist our clients to set up a corporation, opening bank accounts with Canadian banks or USA based virtual banks who allow multi-currency transactions.

Marketing and BPO Service: We offer a service to help in completing compliance related issues, Back Office work, bookkeeping, digital marketing services, e-commerce website development, boost e-commerce and online product listings.

As a prominent 3PL company in Canada, we pride ourselves in offering comprehensive services that include top-notch order preparation and reliable shipping services throughout North America. Our expertise extends to managing 3PL warehouses in Canada, ensuring efficient handling of products for established businesses alike.

We understand the unique needs of startups, which is why our fulfillment services are tailored to support their growth. Our online fulfillment services encompass everything from warehousing and shipping to thorough online order preparation services. We also specialize in small business 3PL, delivering personalized solutions to ensure smooth freight shipping and logistics services. Our team is dedicated to streamlining the process for startups with our specialized startup fulfillment services.

Operating as a warehousing fulfillment company, we take pride in providing a range of services, including repacking, relabelling, and meticulous product inspection. We understand the importance of scrutinizing products originating from various regions, such as India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and Africa. This attention to detail helps us identify and rectify errors, ensuring a high-quality product for our clients.

In addition to core services like forwarding and storage, we take on the responsibility of managing Fulfillment by Merchant and Fulfillment by Us. This includes overseeing direct-to-consumer e-commerce platforms, offering services like relabelling, repacking, and label customization. We also handle removals and returns, going the extra mile to generate creative ideas that boost the sales of private label products.

Our role as an extension for exporters, manufacturers, distributors, and importers in Canada underscores our commitment to meticulous product preparation. With Our e-commerce fulfilment services in Canada, you can trust that every facet of order fulfillment is handled with precision and diligence, ensuring your products reach their destination seamlessly.


Frequent Questions And Answers
  • Receiving returns.
  • Product Status Report.
  • Photos.
  • Completing returns for missing or damaged goods.
  • We replace damaged boxes at additional cost.
  • Returning goods to Northland fulfillment center.
  • Removal and putting on new FNSKU.
We offer the following services and can provide additional services customized.
  • Receiving and inspection
  • FNSKU labeling
  • Forwarding Case & Carton to Northland fulfillment center and Other online platforms.
  • Warning labels
  • Kitting and bundling
  • Packaging multi-pack items
  • Poly bagging
  • Pick, pack, and ship
  • Returns and removals.
  • Storage and warehousing
  • Shipping prep
  • Pickup to online shopping platforms.
  • Sticker removal
No, we do not have any setup fees to start using our services.
See our pricing page.
Yes, we can import your inventory, store, and full fill your orders.
Yes, we can do your listings on other online platforms.
  • All fulfillment services.
  • All company admin services if you import into Canada through your subsidiary.
  • Accounting and inventory management.
We can manage all your expectations and compliances.

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